Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome To My Blog

Well thank you for Stopping by. We can thank my sister for this blog. She got my mother and me in to looking at them . I had hard time thinking up cute name. Eveyone has neat name she is adventures of silly women So when i do not have good thing on here you can thank her. I start by making purses. My mother and sister sew alot more than me . I start trying to make quilt few year ago when i want one but could not afford one. WOW if i only knew lol ... I have alot UFO but i love sewing . So soon maybe we will see some of them.


Sandra said...

I like your blog.Who is the guy?Surely that's not sweetie.

Paula said...

I am supprised!! You did not tell me you did a blog. I am jealous.I think the guy is kinda cute! mama